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Trail Work


**To Keep informed when trail work or meetings will take place, shoot an email to [email protected] to get on the mailing list.**


Fall 2019 Trail Work

A handful of the club members came together on a Saturday afternoon in September and put together two bridges for the club!  These are two bridges that have been needing to be replaced for some time now.  Located by the Creek Road and traversing the Lord’s Creek, they help connect riders from our snowy and sunny West Glover hillside to the snow dip of Route 14. In this dip is where Bob’s Quick Stop resides providing gas, food, and beverages to keep you going and a great place for a break!  Thank you to all that helped improve our trails this summer.  Check out the pictures below that were captured that day.  Hard telling by the pictures, but they did do some work at some point!


Fall 2017 Trail Work

Some of the club members volunteered their time on Saturday Oct. 21st to help update two bridges.  A bridge located in Barton needed some major repair on one ramp, and then a few minor repairs through out the bridge.  The crew then traveled to Sheffield to repair part of the deck on another bridge.  A few hours and a couple laughs made for a good day helping to improve our trails.  A big thank you to those that helped.  Below are a few pictures of the work and also one included that shows the bank re-establishment in Barton which took place this summer as well.  The club worked with a local State Environmental Engineer to help approve the reinforcement of the bank to prevent erosion that would lead to the loss of a beloved trail.



Fall 2016 Trail Maintenance

These past two days have been productive work days, removing trees, changing a portion of trail on Route 122, addressing water issue on our groomer lot, fixing bridges. Excavation work done by Tony Menard significantly reduced man power and accomplished a lot. (October 16, 2012)

October 16, 2012 trail work